Commentaire de Azureth I’ve been checking every day since the server reset on Tuesday, and he hasn’t been in the cache on any of the days. I didn’t even think about watching the clock. Killed Vyragosa at Engine of the Makers,right outside the elemental cave. Car vous pouvez être sur, que si vous mourez, quelqu’un d’autre, le tuera à votre place. It works but now im being hit by his ranged attacks, so I decide to run out of aggro range. I’ve never seen her spawn less than 6 hours apart. I flew at various heights to make sure i’d get the best range on the macro, nothing.

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So what can we learn from this? Flew straight line from Dalaran to Brunnhildar Village and found him right in between somewhere, don’t have coords. Also Time Lost and Vyra appear to have been following the same flight path. Also, is it detectable? I’m gonna believe that the respawn timer isn’t reset after maintenance, and that it’s more paused, or continued while maintenance is going on, because as far as i can see, none of the mobs had spawned. Within ten minutes of the last kill at least. Commentaire de Orgonin My friend is spawn camping it right now.

Je compatis pour eux.

Think the allys and me ar as time-lost as the Time-Lost Progo. Commentaire de bobsod Just had it drop for me on the server Drak’Tharon, was just flying around and saw a rare elite, was surprised when this dropped.

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Do you need to have deake zone shiftet to Sons of Hodir in order to find the spawn? Vyragosa, qui suit le même trajet. Guide du Chaman Teps de Tides of Vengeance 01 jan It would be dane to pinpoint the time he spawns. World of Warcraft – Guide pour farmer et tuer le Proto-Drake perdu dans le temps!


Dunno if it was mentioned before that she flyes there too. Je vous conseille très fortement d’installer NPCscan et NPCscan perdy qui vous afficheront sur votre map les differents trajets du proto drake perdu dans le temps et de tous les pdoto des tsmps rares et vous prévient quand adodn passez à coté d’eux grâce à protp cadre en bas de l’ecran.

Commentaire de Lougi So, let me get this straight.

S I already read all the comments, and it’s really confusing, the one says it’s 1 month spawn time, the other says each 6 eans. Commentaire de SkaterD Downed Vyrgosa she seemed to have spawned at 3: Connecté en tant que Google [Bot].

Le Protodrake perdu dans le temps – Millenium

I adodn as though his spawn is seperate and random from the other rares in the area. It wouldn’t do for my priest to be looking for drqke, finally find it, then get killed by it after looking for it for weeks. Commentaire de musslan I’ts not atleast 24 hours, on my realm we got 2 mounts within 20 hours.

Commentaire de stipo3 ive just talked to GM on my Realm, He say that Spawn points are randomTimer is random Quote  » it can take hours – days for spawn »and Stormpeak wyrms have dasn to do with him aka u dont need to kill them to make him spawnit has own respawn.

I’d noticed a few ore spawns so I was getting ready tempz drop on them when an ally and a fellow horde dropped in on them. Or does he stick around longer. Environ 6h30 d’intervalle entre chaque.


WoW – Guide monture – Le Proto-drake perdu dans le temps

From what I see they don’t share any spawn points or timers It might seem noobish but do you need the epic flying training for the Proto drake to Drop? It would seem that this one, at least, has a rather wide patrol area, so addon if you are somewhere it wasn’t spotted, keep an eye out. There might have been more Vyras inbetween that I’ve missed. Un site du réseau: Commentaire de jrvc it appears in track dragonkin for hunter?

addon proto drake perdu dans le temps

Commentaire de SarithSk Isn’t that a 3rd party program? The reason I would suggest this is because it’s 2 and a protk weeks after launch and my server still hasn’t seen one yet. I hope this will be helpful, ill check around for time-lost proto drake between Commentaire de SilverTsunami Well, I got him just now.

addon proto drake perdu dans le temps

I ddans hope this helps, and I would love to answer any questions in order to return the favor to the community that made it possible to earn this awesome mount.

From him I received http: Commentaire de Nizze Would be nice if ppl could tell the time when the addkn spawns here. He told me he found it when he was out herbing for like 1h. Hell at this point I don’t care about the mount I just want to see the damn mob.

I might have had advance knowledge of where he can be but it was stil dumb luck that i stumbled across him.